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1 Nov 2012

Just Little

senyum sikit :)

Hi there... Well is a bit about me, that is Iera Shahira. I have dewy eyes... Wot can i say, some say my pair of eyes are quite small and they aren't proportionate to my face... Are they? I guess, that's the reason I dont like to snap pic like kinda girls outside there..Someone said that "ducky face" Picca that make your eyes look bigger with some duck mouth. Cute maybe? No idea at all. Dont think to comment more bout that coz later IF I snap pic that kind of style people will booooo to me. Hahahah.Its normal guys, bila sekali je kita buat silap orang terus-terusan akan down kan kita.Sometime I wish I could learn some technique of make up to make my eye-panda away from me and make people realize that I have beautiful eyes.hehe

Panda eyes please go away!

1 comment:

Ernie Azizan said...

your eyes are beautiful la. don't say that. trust me they are :)