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12 Nov 2012

MUET is not easy as aspected!


Weeeeee.... Today I'm free for college stuff for about 2 weeks. How heaven I am. By the way, I like to talk about yesterday. Yesterday I was sitting for my Malaysian University English Test(MUET). Yaaaa.. I little bit disappointed with my performance in that test. Muet is not easy as we aspected, The question level is liltle bit high (for me). Muet's result is compallsary for those who want to further their study for degree.  Having say that, MUET are divide into 4 session.

My MUET slip. 

1. Speaking

This speaking session is really2 make me feel suck.I feel down coz I know I am  not good in English conversation and writing as well. Then I make initiative to learn some technique from my English teacher, Mr EJ. Thanks him  coz make me believe in myself. Make me more confident to sit for that test. He really help me a lot! Thanks sir! Thanks you very much!
 In this session, four candidates are arranged in a group. And luckly, I was candidates D at that session. Means, I can reduces my nervous to zero ( I wish) while waiting to my turn. Speaking session are divided into which is individual test(Part A) and group discussion (Part B). Our group question is::::

 For the following item, Which one is reducing item make more benefit.
Candidate A: Sugar Intake
Candidate B : Plants
Candidate C : Newspaper

(the hardest question)
Candidate D : Electricity ( my part!)

We are given 2 minutes to write out our point to talk. Then we are given 2 minutes to talk in individual session. One of my groupmate was quite nervous till her voice was hard to hear. Honestly, at that time, I can't  get any point to talk for until the candidate  C finish her point. But at the  end of the day, I really2 thanks Allah coz makes my brains work and I can talk more. I seriously surprised at that time.  And one thing that make me feel so regret until today is I was talk more than time provided. And sure my mark will deducted for that. 

My MUET desk slip

2.Reading test

Yaaaa talking bout this test. We are given 90 minutes to answer 45 questions. Even though the question is only Multiple answer Question, but the question and the word used in that essay is too high. And badly one of the passage I can't understand what the passage talking about. How bad my vocab :(  

3.Writing Test 

After break for about 30 minutes, writing test was begin. And one more suck question. We need to write report for less than 200 words. And what make it suck was the format. If I not mistaken, the format are quite different from what Mr EJ teach us. After that, Question no 2 was argumentative essay. 

Question : Women make better leader than men 
Discuss and write the essay not less than 350 words

(Women make better leader than men?? I don't think so)

4. Listening Test 

The last test for MUET. Listening test is quite easy I think coz the words used is easy to understand. The question is just about camera phone, yawn, cat,  and others.Just satisfied my performance in this session only .
***waiting MUET result and gonna re-sit this test again if can't get better ben**

p/s: Sorry for my bad. I know I'm not good enough in English but I'll try my best to improve it :)

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