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7 Mar 2013

We've done!

You know what! I'm too sleepy today.Wake up at 5am just to prepare myself  for our forum.
Before that, this is our forum journey::-

In lecture hall, which is already provide with air-conditioner ... but I'm still sweating and feel hot. WHY? because I'm nervous think off our English forum on 11. The reason why I'm too nervous is.. We are prepared for "KPOP" topic for about a week approximately. But A NIGHT before our forum or more specificly.. less than 10 hour before our English Forum,we've changed our mind to come with the new topic.Which is STRESS.

Yaaah!! With nothing on the head. nothing on the tongue. We were start our English Forum with which can I say PERFECT! from my own personal view.This is coz we've never practice anything, we've never PLAN what are we supposed to talk BUT we can clearly talk after sit together in font of class. That's it mean its REAL CONVERSATION/FORUM? Are we?

So, being the first group present in front of the class are not so good feeling. I saw my hand are keep shaking when I start talking in that video.(Thanks to my "korean-to-be" classmate for recording us)  Honestly, I'm sweating a lot ONLY when we start our forum . I'm the moderator =D

Three of us together in the forum

Aha! When I "watch" us back in that video, I recognize that my voice are quite loud and sound to be like a boy. And I asked my forum teammate, "Is it my voice? "Haha Maybe I'm not that kind of "ayu-ayu" girl. So that's why my voice are like that. Maybe.Who's know right. It doesn't mean I am boy even my voice is guttural like a boy. I'm still lady (wink*wink)

A lot of thanks to my teammate! Love u both!


nana kamarul said...

Erghhh! Presentation! One of the things I hate the most but yet those are the moments I remember the most when I was still a student. Thumbs up! U did it walaupun menggeletaq kan. heheee :)

Cik Tanpa Nama said...

@nana kamarul

hehe thanks sis!

Fareeha Ahmad said...

well done sweetie!!=)